Our Team

Pat Wulf – Director / Business Development Manager

Pat is the heart and soul of Wulf Security, serving as both Director and Business Development Manager. A true people’s person, Pat’s approach to business and client relationships is characterized by warmth and a commitment to diplomacy. In handling challenging situations, his security teams prioritize communication skills over a forced approach.

With over two decades of experience in delivering security solutions to diverse businesses and events, Pat’s journey began at the Kingslander Bar, where he worked on the door. Fast forward 15 years, and he founded Wulf Security, with The Kingslander being the inaugural client—a relationship that has remained steadfast.

Pat is a hands-on, professional business owner with a down-to-earth demeanour. His passion lies in fostering enduring client relationships, and he personally ensures that each team member is competent, friendly, and takes pride in collaborating to create safe and enjoyable environments for clients and their customers.

Andrea Wulf – Director / General Manager

Andrea is the dynamic force behind Wulf Security’s success. As the Director / General Manager, Andrea is dedicated to shaping strategic initiatives and overseeing the implementation of big-picture ideas. With a keen eye for detail, she supports her husband Pat and the entire team in delivering unparalleled service to Wulf Security clients.

A key member of the Wulf Security senior leadership team since its inception in 2016, Andrea recently stepped into the role of Director/ General Manager on a full-time basis. Her professional journey encompasses diverse roles in Project Management, Marketing, Sales, and General Management, providing her with a well-rounded perspective on the business landscape.

Andrea prioritizes people, emphasizing team welfare, client satisfaction, and crafting optimized company strategies. As the overseer of business operations, she plays a pivotal role in budget optimization, fostering productivity, and championing professional development, positioning Wulf Security for continued success under her empowering leadership.

Graeme Brens – Head of Digital and Operations

Graeme, the Head of Digital and Operations at Wulf Security, is a driving force behind the company’s success. With a results-oriented mindset and a keen enthusiasm for leveraging technology in the security realm, Graeme streamlines operations and equips the team with cutting-edge tools. His leadership fosters a collaborative environment, ensuring Wulf Security remains at the forefront of the industry through continuous improvement and operational efficiency.

In addition to his operational expertise, Graeme takes charge of the company’s social media and digital strategies. Managing online platforms with strategic finesse, he cultivates a robust online community and effectively communicates Wulf Security’s values and innovations.