Construction Site Security

The high-value materials and equipment on your construction site means it will be susceptible to theft, unauthorised access and vandalism. Your site can also be difficult to monitor because of the constant movement of people and machinery that occurs every day. That’s where Wulf Security Services Ltd can save you time, resources and money.

Because we are experts in construction site security, we can design a comprehensive security plan that ensures adequate security for your construction project.

What Wulf Security Will Bring to your Project Site

Our years of experience and expertise in providing security of construction sites means we know what your site needs and how to provide it. Our construction site security measures include:

Site Access Control

Construction sites can be busy with people and vehicles coming and going all day. We will design, implement and monitor a site access control plan that ensures every person visiting your site is adequately checked when and monitored when entering and leaving – only authorised people will be allowed on site, and we will ensure nothing is taken from your site dishonestly.

Contractor Inductions

Contractor site inductions, including Health and Safety Inductions, can take a lot of time out of your day when you could be doing other things. It makes sense for the Wulf Security Team to take care of it for you. We will ensure proper induction and record keeping.

Perimeter Patrols

As simple as it may seem, having our security guards patrolling the perimeter of your site is a significant deterrent for anyone who might want to access your site illegitimately. Night or day perimeter patrols have been proven to prevent break-ins by intruders.

Plant Monitoring and Asset Protection

From chasing away any one who looks suspicious from the outside of your site, to regular monitoring of the site itself – testing doors and locks, checking out of the way areas – our on-site security guards will ensure their presence is obvious around your premises.

Video Surveillance and Security Alarms

The installation of CCTV cameras to watch over a construction site acts as a deterrent for intruders. Having a member of the Wulf Security team monitoring those cameras will go a long way to ensuring the protection of your site and its assets.

At Wulf Security Services Ltd, we provide level of construction site security protection that is second to none.