Event security

The Wulf Security team are experienced in event management for occasions of all sizes, whether it be an annual general meeting, a party, a VIP or corporate function or a larger public event. Our team has managed and provided services at a number of events of varying sizes throughout New Zealand.

Well thought-out security is a vital consideration when planning any event. Your biggest challenge is to be ready for the unexpected. The security personnel at Wulf Security are trained to act quickly and decisively in emergency situations and to bring the unexpected under control.

To look after the safety and security of your event and venue, Wulf Security offer:

  • Risk assessment and management.
  • Security strategies.
  • VIP and personal protection.
  • Static and mobile security guards.
  • Surveillance and monitoring equipment.

Five Event Security Questions

As the organiser of an event, there are five questions you need answers to. We will help you.

What are the security risks?

The type of risks will usually depend on the type of event you are hosting. We will help you pinpoint the security risks and come up with a security strategy to manage them.

Where should our event security checkpoints be?

It’s important to identify a few security checkpoints – places where all event participants will pass through – and have security guards stationed there. Our risk assessment process will identify the best location for security checkpoints at your venue.

Who will we allow into our event?

One of the best ways to control a gathering is to know who is there and allow only those who are legitimate participants to enter. Whether attendance at your event is by ticket or by invite, our security team can ensure only those are supposed to be their gain entry.

What do we do if there is an emergency?

When you have a large number of people in a small space, things can go wrong. The Wulf Security team are trained to take control in those emergency situations and ensure a calm response.

Who is in charge?

We don’t run your event for you, but our security guards do have your back. We are experts in security and know how to execute a security plan what will ensure the smooth running of your event. It’s your event – but we have got your security covered.

Our Event Security Includes:

  • Event Security and Crowd Management
  • Crowd Controllers
  • Liquor License Wardens
  • Stage Punter Barrier Operations
  • Cash-In-Transit Escort
  • Asset Protection
  • Corporate Security
  • VIP Escort Security
  • Control Room and CCTV Operators
  •  Incident Reporting and Logging
  • Event Rapid Response Teams
  • Venue Lockdown Operations