Gatehouse Security & CCTV Monitoring

Wulf Security Services Ltd is a leading provider of security services across New Zealand, including the provision of gatehouse security and CCTV monitoring for businesses and residential communities.

Gatehouse Security

Gatehouses are often the primary access point to large industrial businesses, business parks and an increasing number of residential communities throughout New Zealand. Because you want to protect your employees and your business assets, you want to have the best security possible at your gatehouse.

Our team provides professional gatehouse security customised to your business’s unique needs as we protect your business against unwanted callers while welcoming all genuine visitors.

Our gatehouse security services include:

  • Monitoring the movement of vehicles, personnel and visitors.
  • Checking ID cards of all those entering the property.
  • Providing visitors with information and directions.
  • Ensuring visitors understand company rules and protocols.
  • Regular roving perimeter patrol and internal patrols.
  • Reporting of suspicious or out of the ordinary incidents.
  • Carrying out vehicle and personnel searches if required.
  • Monitoring CCTV.
  • Monitoring security control panels, alarms and security equipment.
  • Issuing daily site passes to contractors;
  • Reporting any health and safety concerns.
  • Any other duties as stipulated by the client.

CCTV Monitoring

Technological advancements in CCTV are such that it has become an ideal way to ensure security in businesses and residential premises, provided they are monitored by experienced personnel.

We have security personnel who are highly-trained in the operation of and monitoring of CCTV. Our CCTV monitoring service will help prevent break-ins or stock loss in industrial businesses, retail stores and shopping centres, and any other place where protection is needed.

Our staff will monitor your CCTV and respond to any incident in a pre-planned way which may involve liaising with police if this is your preference.