Retail Store and Shopping Centre Security

We provide uniformed security officers for retail stores and shopping malls in Auckland and throughout New Zealand. Our retail security guards are professionally trained and can provide static or roving security patrols.

At Wulf Security we understand that you want to enhance your brand while providing your customers with a safe and enjoyable retail experience. That’s why we train our retail security personnel to be discreet and courteous. Your customers are our customers and so we work hard to welcome them with a warm welcome and a smile.

Retail security tasks performed by our retail security officers include:

  • Static door patrols.
  • Roving patrols throughout your store or shopping centre.
  • Retail loss prevention.
  • Bag checks.
  • CCTV monitoring.

As a leader in retail security services, our commitment to you and all our clients is to provide only the highest trained and professional retail security officers.

Static Guard Duties

Static security at the entrance to your retail premises can make your customers feel safe about entering and shopping at your store or shopping centre. Our retail security guards are also trained to politely perform customer bag searches if the need arises.

Roving Patrols

Roving patrols can be performed by either uniformed or undercover security officers. Each officer is trained to be discrete and unimposing while keeping a close eye on your stock and shoppers who might be acting suspiciously.

Retail loss prevention

Every retail business knows the cost of shoplifting and the associated stock lost. Our retail loss prevention officers can provide open (uniformed) or undercover loss prevention services.

We will meet with your store management to listen to your store’s needs and create a proactive loss prevention plan. Then, working closely with store management and staff, we will work tirelessly to prevent stock shrinkage in your business.

We will deal with any offenders within current laws and according to the desires of store management, including liaising with local police if requested.

Bag checks

Asking to check the bag of a customer needs to be done in a way that is polite but firm. We have trained our retail security officers to be respectful but determined in all areas of store security.

CCTV Monitoring

Our retail security guards are trained to operate and monitor CCTV systems within retail environments. They can create footage for management or police use while adhering to all relevant privacy laws and policies.